Upcoming Events in Chicago


Thinking (and Drinking) with Hamilton: Tavern Culture and the American Revolution

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
5:30 to 7:30 pm
Ruggles Hall, Newberry Library
Liz Garibay, Kyle Roberts, and Bill Savage
Limited seating; registration is required to attend

Before and during the Revolutionary War, taverns in colonial America became important intersections of oral and print culture. Broadsides, pamphlets, and newspapers were posted there, read aloud, and discussed by individuals on all sides of the conflict. Step back in time to a 1770s tavern in Colonial America. Peruse broadsides and newspapers from the era by lantern-light, while enjoying ale, cider, and snacks.

Program, 6 pm

  • A dramatic reading based on the “pamphlet war” between the young Alexander Hamilton and the Anglican cleric and royalist, Samuel Seabury, performed by actors from the Shakespeare Project of Chicago.
  • Discussion among scholars and experts Liz Garibay, Kyle Roberts, and Bill Savage on the crucial role of taverns in revolutionary discourse.

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